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IBCR offers you the solutions that exactly address your need. With our off-shore engineering teams and a leadership team with north-american industry experiences, we are well equipped to deliver you quality solutions at a very competitive rate. Our excellent developers customize just for you. We understand you.

Taxi Services

Taxi service automation for small (<50) to large sized (>100) fleets. This includes mobile device apps for passengers and drivers. A dashboard to dispatch, monitor and register drivers and vehicles. It generates automated bills and invoices. Handles integration with payment gateways. Complies with PCIDSS standards for financial transactions.

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Custom Branded Mobile Apps

  • Locate nearby cars
  • Request booking
  • Show routes and maps in real time
  • Track driver arrival

  • Call or text to driver
  • Payment using credit card
  • Add driver tip
  • Apps for Android and iOS

Tracking, Dispatching & Administration

Easy Dispatching

Dispatching system will find the closest available car to pick up passenger based on live information


Get payment from customers from their credit cards. The system can automatically charge customers from their register credit cards in the system.

Branded Mobile App

Give your clients taxi request experience from their own mobile phones or website.


We can provide reports on trips, earnings, drivers, customers, popular zones, and more.

Web-based Administration

Our taxi automation administration web-based panel can be integrated with your website. You can manage your drivers, cars and accounts.

Full Customization

We implement business specific needs at a very affordable price. Customize car types, dispatch scheduling, billing preferences, and more to be sure.

Taxi services pricing for different tiers

No long-term contracts, easy monthly payments.

Plans grow with you based on your number of drivers.


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    Business-specific feature


    We provide solutions

    addressing the needs for specific

    business size and goals.


App Development

Android and iOS apps. Optimized for power, memory and network. Architecture designed for network fault tolerance. Smooth performance and statefullness over app life cycle and device reboot.

Web Development

University, school, government and e commerce site development. Performance optimization to reduce time to first view and repeat view.

Technical Consultancy

Software solution development. Business process engineering. Service automation development. Mobile device hardware performance improvement.

Cloud Services Development

Backend services for near real time business needs. Context aware and location based interaction and scheduling. It includes bidirectional messaging and cache management and support for integration to front end client.

Software QA

Basic verification tests (BVT). Exploratory tests. Test automation. Conformance to UX. Severity Assessment and test follow up. Team works closely with developers. Expertise area includes Android, iOS, Windows, Web App and Server back-ends. Coming soon server load testing using the Grinder tool.

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We provide Software as a Service (SaaS).

You focus more on what matters most for your business.


You get super affordable price! That’s 75% cheaper than the same service from US/Europe developers.

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You get a highly tailored solution that fits your business need.

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Collaboration with outside teams for a common product and solution.

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24/7 support and instant solution

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